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Cutting-edge ingredients, high quality service, global insights and ground-breaking collaborations. It's why Glanbia Nutritionals is the number one choice for Europe's leading sports nutrition manufacturers.

Powerful ingredients

We've applied our heavyweight scientific knowledge to bring you hi-tech whey peptides and a range of unique whey protein and milk protein ingredients. Incredibly effective and unlike anything else available, they'll totally set your products apart. Your sports nutrition consumers will get the specific benefits they're looking for to help them train harder and achieve more.

Unbeatable partners

Our research and development teams are world class. We know the industry inside out. We understand the challenges you face. And we can see the opportunities open to you - maybe even those you haven't yet noticed. Tell us your goals and we'll work closely with you to make them happen. You'll have access to our in-depth industry knowledge, clinical data and applications expertise to put your products, and your consumers, way ahead of the field.

Global insights

Glanbia is at the forefront of sports nutrition in Europe. And close links with our innovation centres across the globe, including in the USA, give us a valuable international perspective. Not only are we always on top of the trends influencing sports nutrition, our inventive ingredients are often the source of new trends themselves. You'll get the insights to understand what your consumers want, and the ingredients to put you right at the pinnacle of your market.

Premium quality

Every step of the way with Glanbia you'll get the highest standards. From extremely efficient customer service, to stringent safety procedures and excellent quality ingredients. So let's do it! Let's revolutionise sports nutrition together! 

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