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CreaPep - The Insulin Peptide

Jul 14, 2013
CreaPep - The Insulin Peptide

Creatine supplementation has been reported to improve sports performance by maintaining skeletal muscle ATP - leading to increases in high-intensity athletic performance. Creatine supplementation has been common place amongst athletes for the last 20 years. It first gained popular attention in the 1990's at the Barcelona Olympic Games as Sprinters and Power athletes testified to its benefit on their performances.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to show that short term creatine use can increase maximum power and performance in high-intensity anaerobic repetitive exercise by 5 to 15%. This could be endurance exercise such as running / cycling as well as multiple sets of strength training and / or weightlifting.

The European sports nutrition market demonstrates a disappointing variability of Creatine supplement quality, and many consumers believe this needs improving. This is undoubtedly part of the reason that Creatine sales have started to slow in recent years after what had been a steady rise since the '90's. "Lack of Innovation" in the Creatine category has also been suggested as a reason for the decrease in Creatine supplement sales. Nobody doubts Creatines effectiveness in improving athletic performance but with an influx of newer supplements into the sports nutrition market, Creatine is not proving as exciting anymore to consumers and it potentially lacks strong marketability for manufacturers.

The Creatine category is in need of some new innovation and Glanbia Nutritionals have the ingredient to help achieve just that. At Glanbia, we are innovators in advanced dairy peptide technology and our New Product Development team have created a new peptide especially to enhance creatine applications.CreaPep is a unique combination of dairy peptides and proteins. These Peptides induce a 2-fold increase in insulin secretion within 15mins of ingestion to aid a more efficient creatine transportation. The increase in insulin helps with the "shuttling" of creatine into muscles - which is critical to achieve complete creatine absorption and so benefit from the improvements in sports performance creatine provides.

CreaPep is a Zero carbohydrate creatine delivery system and can be added to products containing creatine to help with creatine absorption and transportation to muscles.

CreaPep offers a ~266% increase in insulin while Glucose offers ~84% increase over baseline levels.

Also the Insulin increase with CreaPep is sustained over a longer period when compared to Glucose.