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CrossFit craze gathers pace

Apr 08, 2013
CrossFit craze gathers pace

The growth of CrossFit, an exercise programme licensed by CrossFit Inc, has been relentless over the last year. Classes are now held in more than 4,500 places across the world and, in 2012, 69,374 people took part in the CrossFit Games compared to just 5,752 in 2010.

Mutual support

The beauty of CrossFit is that it appeals to a wide demographic who use the varied hardcore exercise sessions to work towards their personal goals. The CrossFit community, which every CrossFitter becomes part of, supports individuals' goals enthusiastically - a welcome change to the air of competition typically found in fitness gyms. In fact, CrossFit fans believe this mutual support, whether in person or online, is what makes the programme so effective.

Varied workout

CrossFit differs from many exercise regimes in that it's similar to a boot camp. A wide range of exercises are undertaken, for both cardio and strength, and are done with high intensity. They range from using kettle bells, ropes and sandbags to old school bodyweight exercises. Affiliated gyms and class locations are referred to as boxes by CrossFitters in an effort to emphasise how different the workout is from all others.

Classes for all

Operating on a decentralised model, the CrossFit world enables individual gyms and instructors to run sessions based on a Workout of the Day (WOD). WODs vary greatly but always include a broad mix of powerful movements such as sprinting, rowing, climbing, jumping, weightlifting and more. Classes are available for everyone from beginners just starting on the fitness ladder to elite athletes competing in the CrossFit games.

CrossFit diet trends

Many CrossFitters complement their exercise regime with a strict Paleo-style diet based on fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. As CrossFit has become more widely adopted, however, many followers have embraced dairy-based sports supplements to complement their intense workouts. The opportunities are widening, therefore, for manufacturers to develop new products to suit CrossFitters' exercise and nutritional programmes.

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