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Hardcore workouts go mainstream

Nov 13, 2012

The trend for high impact workouts such as CrossFit and Power Extreme 90 (P90X) are becoming increasingly more mainstream. In the USA, Beachbody has had phenomenal success with its home workout programme, which it's now taking into gyms.

Celebrity fans

A celebrity fan base is always an indication that something is about to go mainstream. This fitness fashion is no different. Several famous fans, including Demi Moore, Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice model), Michelle Obama and Sheryl Crow and Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's presidential running partner, follow these programmes.

Muscle confusion

Variety is the key to these latest workouts. They challenge your body with constantly varied, high intensity movement - your body never gets used to the routines so it never plateaus. It's hardcore fitness for both men and women.

Olympic inspiration

These new programmes are less about weight loss and all about shaping up and hitting your peak. It's fully in sync with the current post-Olympic fitness drive; strong and toned is the new skinny for women and even non-sporty guys and girls have been inspired to get fit and healthy.

Nutrition, not dieting

While dieting isn't central to this trend, nutrition does play a key role. Programmes include bespoke recipes, such as nutritional shakes designed to replace one meal a day and proprietary super-protein blends including whey protein isolates.

Whey protein market widens

The growth of whey protein consumption in both the USA and Europe is growing in line with the popularity of high intensity workouts. No longer only the domain of serious bodybuilders, whey protein's nutritional benefits are far more widely understood. And as many more palatable products have come available, everyone from Sunday league footballers to active mums are consuming it.

How are you tapping into this growing appetite for intense workouts, active lifestyles and sports nutrition products?